A Helicopter Tour Around NYC – The Benefits of Each Season’s Views

Oct 17, 2019 | Liberty, The Helicopter Company News & Events

New York City is one of the busiest areas in the world, and you can expect that any tour of the city is going to be exciting no matter what time of year you visit. One of the best things about New York is that there is a stark contrast between each season that makes it possible to truly enjoy the best parts of it, whether it’s spring or fall. When you get ready to pick a date for your tour, consider the benefits of each season so that you can plan a spectacular experience.

Capture the Beauty of Spring

As New York emerges from its winter weather, the skies suddenly become clearer. Most spring days are perfect for taking a helicopter ride. A springtime helicopter ride around NYC reveals crisp blue skies with patches of clouds. You’ll love looking down and seeing nature coming to life. With trees starting to get their leaves and flowers blooming, taking a helicopter trip NYC visitors will never forget over Central Park is simply the most amazing experience.

Get Breathtaking Summer Photos

There’s no doubt about it that the summertime is the most popular season for helicopter tours, which means you need to make your reservations early. By this time of the year, you can expect near perfect weather that gives you the clearest views. Try taking an Aerial Experience NYC helicopter tour where you can check out the crowds from above.

Enjoy the Gorgeous Fall Colors

A flight over the Hudson River is always a delight during the fall season. During this time of year, the leaves on the trees begin to shift from green to beautiful shades of red, orange and gold. You’ll easily find yourself snapping hundreds of photographs since each second of your flight feels even more impressive than the last. While you are clicking away, be sure to also note how the contrast of the blue water seems so much deeper when it is next to the shockingly bright foliage lining the banks.

Tour the Holiday Lights From the Sky

As fall turns into winter, New York residents begin bustling about getting their amazing skyscrapers and city streets decked out for the upcoming holidays. Winter helicopter tours are perfect for being able to capture the best skyline photos since you can expect every building to be specially lit up and on display. This is also the time of year for proposals, and NYC helicopter tours for two give you the perfect backdrop for planning a Christmas or Valentine’s Day surprise that is sure to be remembered.

Every season has something special about it that makes helicopter tours unique. Whether this is your first tour or the twentieth, consider picking a new time of year to go that gives you a completely new experience. With helicopter tours, you never know what you might see, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll love the view.