Helicopter Tour FAQs

Why should I book a helicopter tour?

Helicopter tours offer the best view of the New York skyline, and all of our tours cover famous New York landmarks like the Empire State Building and Times Square. Flying above the city is the best way for you to see NYC in a day!

Is there an age limit for helicopter rides?

Children of all ages are allowed on helicopter tours. Children under 2 years old can sit on an adult’s lap at no charge but due to FAA regulations, children 2 years old and up must have their own seat

How much is a helicopter ride in NYC?

Our pricing starts at $189 per seat, plus heliport fees.

When is the best time to book a helicopter ride?

We offer tours throughout every season so we recommend booking a tour during your favorite season. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you book your helicopter tour at least two weeks in advance to ensure you reserve your desired timeslot. 

Do I need a reservation to book my NYC helicopter tour?

Helicopter tour reservations are not required but strongly recommended, especially for weekends and holidays. If you come to the heliport without a reservation you may have to wait or come back later in the day for the next available flight. We recommend booking your NYC helicopter trip 2 weeks in advance to ensure your preferred flight time is available. During peak times such as New Years, Christmas and other holidays we recommend booking even further out. Our customer service agents speak multiple languages and are here to assist you through the booking process. Give us a toll-free call today at (800) 542-9933 to schedule your experience!

What are your hours of operation?

Our Downtown Manhattan Heliport at 6 East River Piers, NY NY 10004 is open Mon-Sat from 9:00am – 6:30pm and Closed Sundays. For more information please call (212) 786-5751

Are cameras and smartphones allowed on your helicopters?

Yes, cameras and smartphones are allowed with the exception of the Samsung Note 7 smartphone devices which has been banned by the FAA in 2015

Is it safe to purchase tickets to book a helicopter ride on your website?

 Yes, we have a valid SSL Certificate and our website is completely secure for all of your purchases

How many people fit in your helicopters?

 Our helicopters seat 5 to 6 passengers plus one pilot and we offer both private and group helicopter tours.

Do you ever have delays or interruptions to your scheduled flights?

Delays may occur more often during these following periods:

  1. Our busy season from June through December. 
  2. Government air restrictions and high profile government visits to NYC. 
  3. Inclement weather and the next flyable weather day.
  4. Extreme heat, cold or windy days. 
  5. Holidays.


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