First Time on a Helicopter Tour? Here’s Some Advice

Mar 21, 2019 | Liberty, The Helicopter Company News & Events

One of the best parts of offering helicopter tours around the city is getting the opportunity to give people the thrill of their lifetime. While we love watching people approach our helicopters with excitement, we also know that doing anything new can inspire some questions and maybe even a few nervous jitters. In addition to reading our safety procedures, here’s everything you need to know to prepare for your first helicopter tour.

Choose the Right Helicopter

When you book an on air tour, make sure to find out which way the seats face. A helicopter that has all of the seats facing forward gives you the best view and it makes it easier to enjoy the sights with everyone else on your tour. Having a forward-facing seat also helps any passengers in your group who may struggle with motion sickness so that they can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Dress Appropriately

Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when you pick out your outfit for the helicopter tour. While you can dress stylish so that you look great in the pre-flight photo, you also want to be comfortable and safe. It is best to leave hats, scarves, and other accessories in your car or a storage locker at our facility since they can blow away. If you have long hair pull it back to avoid tangles and remember to wear flat, close-toed shoes.

Understand the Seating Arrangements

Naturally, everyone wants the best seat on their helicopter ride or to sit next to their significant other. While we do try to make sure to honor your preferences, the truth is that loading a helicopter correctly is essential for its balance. When you board, we will show you where to sit for the correct weight and balance of the helicopter. If you aren’t able to sit right next to your partner, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to communicate and enjoy the on air experience together.

Get the Perfect Shot

Cameras are allowed on board our helicopter tours and we encourage you to snap away as you soar over historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. To eliminate glare on the windows, consider dressing in darker colors since lighter hues can reflect off of the glass. You should also plan your trip for the best times of the day for taking pictures. Typically, the mid-morning to early afternoon hours are the clearest because any morning fog will have dissipated and the sun is not putting off it’s strongest rays.

Relax and Go With the Flow

From the moment that you arrive for your NY helicopter tour, everything is carefully planned so that you have a seamless experience. Prior to getting on the helicopter, you’ll have the chance to watch a safety video and learn how to approach the aircraft properly. Our crew will then help you to your seat and make sure that you are secure before take off. While you may feel nervous, paying attention to the pre-flight prep helps you feel confident as you board.

As a first-time flyer you are bound to have questions. Our highly trained staff is here to guide you through every step of your helicopter tour experience. With a little help from this guide and the care of our flight team, you’ll be ready to enjoy the beauty of New York City as you soar through the air.