Happy National Helicopter Day – Here is How we Celebrate!

Aug 8, 2019 | Liberty, The Helicopter Company News & Events

At Liberty Helicopters, we love helping everyone celebrate special occasions. Over the years, we’ve watched numerous couples get engaged and families celebrate special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Now, we can’t wait to share one of our most favorite holidays with you. National Helicopter day is here! On this day, we finally get a chance to enjoy highlighting our love for helicopters. We can also highlight the opportunity to continue taking people for on-air helicopter tours in NYC.

Honoring Those Who Flew Before Us

From Igor Sikorsky, who invented the first helicopter, to the members of our flight team, we love remembering the rich history of dedicated pilots that allow us to take you on the best helicopter tour NYC visitors get to enjoy today. The earliest pilots were courageous, and we wouldn’t have the aircraft that we have today without their determination and bravery. On this day, we love sharing our knowledge of helicopter history with you on your tour.

Celebrating the Diversity of Helicopter Pilots

 The concept of vertical flight has been an international work-in-progress over the years. Helicopter engineers throughout the world have made it imperative to share their knowledge even among the different countries. Today, helicopter pilots include men and women that come from a diverse range of cultures that all contribute their unique insights and knowledge to help improve our industry.

Raising Awareness of the Importance of Helicopters

When you take a helicopter ride over NYC, the main purpose is to have fun and see the world from a unique perspective. While this is important, we also like to raise awareness of the many other roles that helicopters play in our everyday lives. Due to their unique flying capabilities, helicopters are used in rescue missions to help save lives at risk. Helicopters are also a well-known resource for the military, and they are even used to help put out wildfires.

Introducing the World to the Beauty of On-Air Tours

Every time we feel the helicopter lift off of the helipad, we feel grateful that this is our chosen career. We also love the fact that we get to share with our fellow NYC residents and visitors the beauty of flying through the air on our tours. Now that our favorite holiday is here, you will notice a definite lift in our pilots’ voices as they show you all of New York City’s finest sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, that wouldn’t be possible without the rich history that surrounds the development of helicopters.

Celebrating a special holiday is always more fun when you can go on an adventure. Whether you want to celebrate National Helicopter Day or are getting ready to make a proposal, you can bet that doing it in the air as you fly across New York will make it an event that you will always remember.