How to Prepare my Child for a Helicopter Tour Around NYC

Aug 20, 2019 | Liberty, The Helicopter Company News & Events

Your child’s first helicopter tour is an opportunity to cultivate a lifelong love for flying. While most children enjoy the thought of flying through the sky, your child may still need some help in preparation for their big day. As your helicopter ride over NYC draws near, you can use these tips to help them feel confident when they board a helicopter for the first time.

Get Them Excited About the Sights

New York City has always held a sense of mystique to kids. Not only is the Big Apple a common setting for movies and comics, but kids also hear their teachers talk about the rich history of the area. If your child is old enough, then help them do some research about the sights that you expect to see. For instance, you could look up how tall the Empire State Building is, or your child might want to learn some interesting facts about Ellis Island. Younger children may enjoy looking at on-ground pictures that they can compare those photos to their experience in the air.

Give them a Safety Briefing

Our helicopter tours are safe for kids of all ages, but everyone must follow a few basic safety rules. If your child is older than two, then they must sit in their own seat per FAA regulations. While most kids look forward to this experience, yours may need to be prepped if they are used to sitting in your lap. You’ll also want to remind your child to just follow your directions and listen to the pilot. They’ll handle things such as opening the doors when the ride is over so that your family can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Discuss the On-Boarding Procedure

Kids sometimes have preferences about where they would like to sit, but helicopters must be loaded a certain way to distribute weight properly. Let your child know that the onboarding crew will try to give them the best seat possible, but that they need to go along with wherever they are placed. If your child is particularly nervous about sitting next to strangers, then consider planning a trip for just the two of you. Our NYC helicopter tours provide a quieter and calmer experience for young kids that may react to being in a crowd.

Talk About Turbulence

Air travel today is certainly the best it has ever been, but helicopter rides are sometimes not perfectly smooth. Talk to your child about turbulence, and remind them that the little bumps and shakes they feel in the air are just part of the ride. Remember to talk about this with some excitement, and reassure your child that helicopter tours only take place when the weather conditions are safe.

Show Them How to Use Their Camera 

Cameras and photo-taking are highly encouraged on family air tours of NYC. Before the trip, give your child an age-appropriate camera that they can use to snap their own in-air pics. They’ll be excited to be able to take their own pictures, and you’ll all enjoy seeing what they capture after the tour. Introducing your child to the world of air travel is exciting, and a tour of NYC is something that they’ll never forget. Remember that your child looks to you for cues on how to react so share your excitement as you all get ready to board for your tour on the helipad.