Helicopter Charter Service


NYC Helicopter Charter Service

With over 30 years of helicopter charter expertise, we at Liberty Helicopters promise to raise your travel experience to a whole new level. Our fleet of helicopters are reliable, comfortable, affordable and ready to fly to any destination within a 300 mile radius of New York City (Boston to Washington D.C.)

When you book a custom charter service with Liberty Helicopters you are ensuring the best possible experience for your family, friends and guests. Our professional staff plan and arrange the itinerary for all passengers, providing a personal level of service that is unmatched by other companies. Whether your reason is business or pleasure, with our helicopter charter service you are not simply getting from point A to point B, you are experiencing a visual journey that you won’t soon forget.



For more information on our helicopter charter service please contact us today or call 800-542-9933

Interactive Charter Pricing Map

Beat the NYC Traffic – Helicopter Transfer Service to All NY/NJ Airports

NYC Traffic Warning – Consider traffic before planning any trip to and from New York City. As New York City grows, so does rush hour traffic, which now extends from 6am to 10am before picking up again at 3pm and lasting until 8pm. Additionally frustrating is the fact that hours outside of the rush hour label in NYC would easily be considered rush hours elsewhere in the world.

Thanks to Liberty Helicopters affordable airport transfer services, travelers looking to avoid the roadway angst and fun depleting aspect of sitting behind miles and miles of non moving cars can travel through the sky to and from the Big Apple. Never worry again about missing a flight or a reservation on your vacation, as our experienced pilots work diligently to meet your specific timeline. Liberty Helicopters’ airport transfer service is safe, reliable, economical and a visual experience you and your family/friends will never forget.

So the next time you’re about to turn the key in your car, hail a cab, or use an app on your phone to book a ride, STOP and instead call Liberty Helicopters for all of your LaGuardia, JFK, White Plains or Newark (NJ), Teterboro (NJ) needs.
LaGuardia, Teterboro, Newark – Take off and land in under 6 minutes
JFK – Take off and land in under 10 minutes
White Plains – Take off and land in under 15 minutes

Eye of the Eagle – Helicopter Service to all Golf Courses

Don’t fall into the sand trap and drive to your next golf outing. Our helicopter charter services can give you, your family and friends an exclusive flight to the golf course you so deserve. Never miss a tee time again

Bonus – Our experienced pilots will even fly over your golf course destination to ensure your whole party gets a bird’s eye view of each hole on the course before you play.

Always Bet on Red – Helicopter Service to All Casinos

Liberty Helicopters red colored choppers are waiting for you to place a bet and book a charter service to your luckiest casino and hotel destination. Start the party in the sky and continue it all the way till you arrive on the casino floor.

Location, location, location – Real Estate Surveying via Helicopter

New York’s high priced real estate market demands that top tier clients not only simply fall in love with their living quarters, but also the physical building and its surrounding area. Is it located next to a park? Are their grocery stores in walking distance? Answer all your clients’ questions through the air on a tour that will certainly separate you from other agents in the market. In this case, seeing is believing and believing is selling.

Lights, Camera, Helicopter Action – Photography/Video via Helicopter

Capture the most vivid, complete visual images of your life, while feeling the exhilaration of shooting from new heights. Our experienced pilots can swoop in and out, while also steadying the flight to ensure the utmost quality photos and video.