Tips for the Perfect In-Air Proposal

Apr 11, 2019 | Liberty, The Helicopter Company News & Events

You’ve finally met the love of your life, and you want nothing more than to ask them for their hand in marriage. Planning a proposal is an exciting time, yet there is so much pressure to make sure that every detail goes perfectly. Helicopter tours provide all of the elements of a perfect proposal. After all, what better way is there to say that you want to spend your lives together, than to take your future spouse on the adventure of a lifetime! Now that you’ve got your mind set on an in-air proposal, you can use these tips to make it extra special.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere

While some people don’t mind the public display of affection, others may prefer a little more privacy. Traditional helicopter tours sometimes include strangers on the flight especially if you are only traveling as a couple. If you think that your partner would prefer a more intimate atmosphere, then book a private helicopter charter that can take to any desired location in New York to pop the big question.

Bring the Family Along

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is family oriented, then they may love the idea of you involving their family. Consider booking a tour that includes you and your partner’s parents or their closest siblings. The family will be touched by your thoughtfulness and it brings in a few extra people to help build the celebration.

Remember the Ring

The day of your proposal is bound to have you hoping that you get to the heliport in time. In the midst of the excitement, make sure that you don’t forget the ring. Consider putting your ring in the pocket of your clothes that you plan to wear the night before. Since you’ll need to leave your purse or backpack in the storage lockers, having the ring on your body ensures that it’ll be ready when you are to pop the big surprise.

Choose the Right Timing

Our tours fly over New York City’s most notable landmarks. If you’ve lived in the city all your life, then consider proposing right as we fly over the place where you first met. As a visitor, you could wait until their personal highlight of the tour such as when we first sight the Statue of Liberty or Yankees stadium. Either way, having the perfect timing to the moment you pop the question makes the experience so much sweeter.

Keep the Excitement Going

When you book helicopter rides that couples enjoy for its romance, be sure to also think about what you will do after the ride. You can always book a package helicopter tour that takes you through the streets of New York City on a tour bus, or you could opt for a cruise down the Hudson. Your partner may also enjoy eating at one of the city’s most popular restaurants where you two can start planning your future together.

Have Different Ideas?

Let us know! Want to pop the question while hovering in front of the statue or over the empire state building? We at Liberty love to offer customized packages and flights for your special occasion. We want you to have the experience and memories that will last a life.

As a final note, make sure to remember that an in-air proposal is supposed to be fun. Although you will likely be nervous about popping the question, you should also take the time to relax and enjoy the moment. Let us know about your plans to propose when you book your flight, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make sure it goes exactly as planned.